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This summer experience will bring you into contact with people from all over the world. If you want to be stretched and be used of the Lord, consider spending a few weeks with us next summer.


YES! Israel is a four-week adventure: The first week is spent in training in the U.S. The following three weeks are spent in Israel. We work alongside Israeli congregations doing outreach that takes us all over the country to people from all over the world. You’ll see the sites, but you’ll leave your imprint on this nation by sharing your story of faith with those you meet.

Maybe you’ve never been to Israel before, and you’ve always wanted to go. Or perhaps you’ve made the typical pilgrimage, seeing the sights. You’d like to go back, but you want an experience that impacts the life of others. 

Contact us today and we can explain all that is involved in this ministry. We’ve had people ranging in age from 18 to 67 (but you'll want to be in good shape for this active trip!). You’ll connect with believers in Israel and be an encouragement to them. You’ll help them with outreach, pray and worship with them.  

Maybe your skills and strengths are exactly what the team needs next year. Go ahead -stretch yourself, let God work in your life. You will never be the same.

The time to apply for the next trip is NOW

Call our office with your questions. E-mail us for a brochure or a paper application or begin your application now by clicking the button below! It’s worth checking out! 

Online Application

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Online Reference Form for YES! Israel Applicants 

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Articles for YES! Israel Participants

*If you have been accepted onto this trip, congratulations! Below are some helpful articles to start your training. Please read through all of these before the start of the trip. Happy reading!