“Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation…” (Romans 10:1).

At Life in Messiah our heart’s desire and prayer to God is for the salvation of the Jewish people. Through the dedication of our staff members, the faithful support of our financial partners and volunteers and the prayers of His people, we strive to see Messiah transform the lives of His chosen people.

Because each of our field staff members work out of their gifts, ministry in one place looks very different than it does in another. Staff members are located across the United States and bring with them unique skill sets that are used for the glory of God. 

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Outreach and Discipleship

Our field staff members look for every opportunity to share Jesus as Messiah. They can be found doing street outreach and making disciples following Messiah’s proclamation of the Great Commission.

Relational Outreach

Building relationships is important to us—really important.  Our ministry is focused on building relationships by meeting people and sharing Messiah in a relaxed environment, such as parks and coffee shops. It’s more than simply handing out tracts. It’s about getting to know people, building relationships of trust and loving them as Yeshua loves them. 

Leading Bible Studies

Staff members lead Bible studies. Studies with Jewish friends can help lead participants into a relationship with Messiah. Studies with Gentile believers stress the Jewish roots of our faith while leading people to a closer relationship with Messiah.

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Russian Jewish Ministry

Life in Messiah has ministry near the campus of Moody Bible Institute. Moody students and staff members work to build relationships with the elderly Russian-Jewish residences of nearby apartment buildings in Chicago, Illinois. The ministry focuses on building friendships and meeting practical needs, such as: buying groceries, aiding in doctor’s appointments, teaching English and helping new immigrants adjust to the city. 

Hosting Seder Dinners and Teaching in Churches

Staff members are often sought to host Seder dinners during the Passover season and teach congregations across the U.S. as a way to introduce the Church to the importance of the Jewish roots of our faith and Jewish ministry.  If you are interested in Life in Messiah hosting a Seder dinner, “Messiah in the Passover,” for your congregation or teaching your church about Judaism, please contact our office to schedule a date!


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Nursing Home 

Field staff visit nursing homes with Jewish residences and help meet their practical needs. This is another opportunity to build relationships that allows staff members to share the hope within us through Messiah.

Ministry Through the Internet

With the growing number of people using the internet, we consider our webpage and social media connections to be an important asset of our ministry. We view the internet as a valuable way to connect with and encourage our donors and partners in ministry. Our internet ministry also serves as a way to share the Gospel with others through a non-threatening, but exceptional avenue. “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @LifeinMessiah!




Publications sent out on a regular basis are also a big part of the Life in Messiah ministry.

  • The Bridge: Our bi-annual publication lets our partners know about “God at work” stories throughout the ministry.  Email office@lifeinmessiah.org to receive this publication via mail or read the electronic version on the website.
  • LifeLinesLifeLines is our daily prayer email that shares updates from Life in Messiah ministry across the globe and how our partners can pray for specific needs. To receive these updates, email office@lifeinmessiah.org and request to be placed on the mailing list.