Life in Messiah offers two short-term trip opportunities to Israel for people of all ages! Both trips, God's Work in God's Land and YES! Israel, are perfect opportunities for those with a burden to reach the Jewish people with the good news of our loving Messiah.   Are you one of those people?

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God's Work in God's Land Trip

What is your goal for a vacation? R&R? Excitement? Learning? Expanding your worldview? You can travel to Israel! We offer an opportunity not just to travel to Israel, but to experience Israel in a new and different way.

YES! Israel Trip 

Maybe you’ve never been to Israel before, and you’ve always wanted to go. Or perhaps you’ve made the typical pilgrimage, seeing the sights. You’d like to go back, but you want a more kingdom impact experience. You’ll see the sites, but you’ll leave your imprint on this nation by sharing your story of faith with those you meet and serve. 

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