“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe allthat I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:16-20). 

Staff members are in locations where God has called them to serve, and in positions of ministry in areas of their gift and skill sets. From one country to the next, ministry looks very different depending on the location and person. Pray for our field staff as they seek to glorify Messiah in all they do!  

Current International Ministry Locations

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Argentina: Life in Messiah staff and volunteers operate a free guest house, providing a safe and welcoming place for young Israelis to stay while traveling the Andes Mountains. The guest house serves as a great platform for presenting the gospel and building relationships with travelers. Guests join our staff as they rock climb, hike, kayak, camp and explore. With consistent opportunities to teach and share the love of Messiah from scripture, we've seen God bless this ministry in amazing ways!

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    Canada: The Jewish population in Canada is estimated to be over 390,000, with well over half living in the greater Toronto area. Jewish people interested in spiritual discussions are encountered in coffee shops and malls. Social media chat rooms and outreach through the internet provide venues for interaction with those initially not wishing face-to-face contact.


    France: Street and relational evangelism in the greater Paris area, including Bible and tract distribution, are a focus in reaching the world’s third-largest Jewish population. Discipleship of Jewish men and women is the second step. With a growing tide of anti-Semitism, sharing the message of Messiah Jesus’ love is vital.


    Hong Kong: Reaching out to the Jewish people – including local residents, business people and tourists who visit “The Pearl of the Orient” – takes many creative forms. With no history of anti-Semitism, Asian believers have the privilege of making friends, building relational bridges, and discussing spiritual matters – including why a Chinese person believes in the Jewish Messiah as God’s provision for the salvation of all mankind.


    Israel: Vibrant ministry to people living on the streets (including the trafficked and addicted) is a daily need. LIFE workers also provide counsel, shelter and biblically-based rehab. God is transforming lives in amazing ways! Outreach and discipleship take place in various locations, including partnership with a Messiah-centered youth hostel. Bible-teaching congregations nurture spiritual growth, and new leaders are mentored.


    Mexico: Life in Messiah partners with local churches to stir up a concern for the Jewish people, resulting in prayer, practical demonstrations of love, and sharing the good news that Messiah has come – and His name is Yeshua. Our workers In Mexico City and Queretaro are preaching, teaching and equipping believers to share God's heart for the Jewish people.

    Netherlands: European Jewry has seen many highs and lows over centuries. Today many Jewish people are more open to considering the gospel. Our partnership with Netherlands-based City Bibles enables distribution of Scriptures in multiple languages globally. Special editions (including Hebrew) are designed for Jewish audiences and our In Search of Shalom media outreach.