A Vision is Born

In 1887, a group of Chicago-area believers were touched by the spiritual and physical needs of Russian-Jewish immigrants. Under the leadership of William E. Blackstone, they formed the Chicago Hebrew Mission. In addition to teaching language and job skills, they shared the message of Yeshua, Messiah Jesus. The ministry grew beyond Chicago and the United States. The name transitioned to American Messianic Fellowship, then AMF International. Blackstone put his faith in Jesus at a young age. As he studied the Scriptures, he became convinced that the return of the Jewish people to their land would precede Jesus’ return. His 1878 book, “Jesus is Coming,” was translated into 42 languages, including Hebrew and Yiddish.


Touch Brooklyn, Touch the World

In 2008, we brought Immanuel Ministries International/Message to Israel into the Life in Messiah family. The headquarters building south of Chicago remains the administrative hub. In Brooklyn, Immanuel House, has been renovated to house our New York ministry/training center. Located just blocks from Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, Immanuel House is perfectly situated to reach this community that needs to hear the message of salvation through Messiah Jesus. Because Jewish communities around the world are connected to Brooklyn, a movement of the Holy Spirit that touches this place could have a worldwide ripple effect. Immanuel House provides ministry teams and new staff members with a great place to learn Jewish evangelism.

God at Work for over 125 Years 

Since 1887, Life in Messiah has helped Christians understand the Jewish roots of our faith and God’s ongoing commitment to His people. We teach that anti-Semitism is inconsistent with biblical faith. We “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” which includes her spiritual renewal as well as physical safety. In all we do, our priority is to share the gospel message. Today Life in Messiah has ministry to Jewish people in Israel, France, The Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and the United States. Like Blackstone, our continuing desire is to “share God’s heart with the Jewish people.”