Many trips are available to Israel. But the “God’s Work in God’s Land” trip will allow you to see the historical and biblical sites, but also see some of God’s amazing work in His amazing land. You’ll meet Israeli believers (as well as believers from all over the world). You’ll hear their stories and learn about the challenges of believing in Messiah while living in Israel.

What is your goal for a vacation? R&R? Excitement? Learning? Expanding your worldview? You can travel to Israel! We offer an opportunity not just to travel to Israel, but to experience Israel in a new and different way.

One friend recently returned from Israel having enjoyed the sites of historical and biblical significance. But she says, “I didn’t meet Israelis; I only rubbed shoulders with other tourists!”

“God’s Work in God’s Land” will take you to places of biblical importance like Caesarea and Capernaum, Joppa and Jerusalem, and sites of Jewish history like Masada and modern Israel’s Knesset. The Holocaust Memorial will remind you of the sufferings of the past and the Valley of Medigo will help you better understand the future. Any tour can take you to these places.  

“God’s Work in God’s Land” will give you the opportunity to see firsthand the challenges of life and ministry in the modern Jewish homeland. You will walk with believers who endure daily opposition because of their faith in Jesus. Walking the streets with Dov will show you the overwhelming spiritual need of those who have no hope. You’ll be able to assist caring believers who are reaching out to the hopeless. Sharing ministry at a youth hostel will expose you to ministry to people from many different countries. And you will worship with believers from all over the world.

God is doing great things in Israel, and some of His work is through the ministry of Life in Messiah. It’s one thing to read about it, it’s another to live it! Come, experience His work with us. 

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